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Meet Coach Gentry

Promoter of Authenticity

Be yourself. Take care of yourself. Invest in becoming the best version of yourself, is a mantra that Coach Gentry Simmons lives by. A passionate educator by trade for over fifteen years and coach by calling, Gentry Simmons is a “fierce and fearless” author, coach, educator, and creative mastermind. Her platform on any venue reaches a wide variety of audiences, but is especially tailored to young adults, leaders, and those who are starting over.  As an alumna of Alabama A&M University, Coach Gentry pursued both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English education.  In 2015, she obtained a second master’s in Human Services with a focus in Executive Leadership. Her expertise includes leadership development, academic testing skills, youth and adult literacy, book development, and  She has taught english and reading at the secondary and post-secondary levels. Her ability to use confidence coaching, best teaching practices, and building strong rapport has been the key to her success in teaching students of any age. She infuses those same values in any professional setting by encouraging other leaders to raise the bar for themselves and those they serve.  She is passionately devoted to helping people gain the confidence to start over after life’s setbacks, to live more passionately, and to pursue their dreams without apology.


Coach Gentry Simmons

My mission is to create confident and creative emerging leaders that add value to their communities by helping them identify their uniqueness and to overcome personal and professional setbacks.

My core values include authenticity, generosity, and vulnerability. These principles guide both my personal and professional life. They are the foundation of any of the products and services offered.


The Coach's Corner

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Be Ready! Be Bold! Be Fearless!

This is the accompanying program to the book, Organic Authenticity. This personal coaching program and book study will ignite your fire to start again, stay focused, and finish strong! 


You are your brand!

Also known as The Plus-sized Mannequin, Coach Gentry believes that: You are your brand! What you show the world every day is a statement of how you value yourself. Your personal style matters. It’s time to stop sending mixed messages and clearly be your own personal billboard.

This series of workshops and events focuses on the link between fashion and confidence for those looking to change their brand, reinvent their look, boost their confidence, or rebuild after a transitional period in their lives. Create an event for your close friends and family or attend one of our events, camps,or retreats. The Plus-sized Mannequin focuses on confidence coaching for young adults and women who are rebuilding their lives.

Notebook and Pen

When Creatives Gather: From Creatives to Creators

 What actually happens when creatives gather? An explosive emergence of creative energy happens! Would you like to gather with industry professionals, aspiring writers, and creatives of all genres to further develop your craft? If so, When Creatives Gather is for you! .

Stay tuned for our upcoming virtual webinars or join us at a scheduled event near you.

The Courses

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Leadership 101

What would life be like if everyone recognized their role as a servant-leader? This session includes proven techniques to encourage practical and professional leadership, industry best practices, actual stories (with and without happy endings), and other suggested readings to guide the student to prolonged learning and development. This session is ideal for non-profit organizations, academic environments, small businesses, and any size staff.

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Overcoming Testing Anxiety

Confidence is Everything!Coach Gentry personally developed this curriculum based on her personal testing challenges, experience as a professional test scorer, exam prep instructor, testing skills curriculum developer, and GED program director. Her wealth of knowledge will be sure to stir up your confidence, inform your teaching/ and or parenting, and increase your ability to achieve successful results. This is available as a workshop training, small group coaching for students or staff.  (Groups require 3 or more participants).


Overcoming Barriers through Blended Learning

 This session is ideal for academic programs at any level. Academic barriers are not the only challenges facing students today. Coach Gentry shares her experience and wisdom with how to face barriers with grace and fortitude. Specific techniques, case studies, and implementation ideas are included in this workshop. This session is ideal for academic workshops, trainings, and conferences. *Estimated session time: 90-120 minutes. Can be adapted for half day workshop*


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