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Emerge & Evolve
Writing Package

90-Day Program

No one wants to admit that they may need a little hand holding or a swift kick in the rear to get started or to complete certain projects. Whether you’re a beginner or working professional, Coach Gentry believes that being laser focused is the key to seeing huge results. She designs customizable 90-day plans to build skill, creativity, and productivity.


Each 90-day plan includes bi-weekly meetings with Coach Gentry, monthly motivational calls, a newsletter, and specific goal setting.


With a little hand holding and a whole lot of accountability anything is possible, right?

Investment Amount = $1500.00


Two Pens on Notebook

Writing workshop
Burnouts and blocks:
The writer's nemesis

Let’s be honest, no matter how gifted, accomplished, or creative the writer, we all experience the painstaking effects of burnouts and blocks as we write. This workshop will discuss the truth about burnouts and how to manage them.


In addition, Coach Gentry will give tips on implementing self care, and how to overcome writer’s block.

Date: Thursday, March 3, 2022

Time: 6:30 - 7:30

Place: The workshop will be held via Zoom (you will receive a link to the Zoom call 24 hours prior to the workshop). 

Cost: $20.00